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Business Development Friendly to the Global Environment by Making Effective Use of Raw Materials and Technologies

NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material Co., Ltd. is a company responsible for the chemical and new material fields of the NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION Corporation Group, which boasts the world’s top-level technologies.

As for our core coal chemical and chemical products businesses, we have focused on how to effectively use various raw materials for chemical products contained in coal tar and coke oven gas, both of which are produced in the process of iron making, without waste, and put all our energy into realizing this.

Our efforts date back to 1907 when Japan’s first by-product recovery type coke oven began operations and tar distillation began for the first time. Today, when environmental issues are actively discussed, effective utilization and recycling of useful materials will be required more strongly going forward in terms of both environmental protection and cost.

On the other hand, in the functional material and composite material businesses, which are our core businesses, we supply unique materials and components to society by applying technologies cultivated through iron-making processes such as advanced metal processing and surface finishing and design, analysis and evaluation of structures, etc. These products contribute to environmental conservation via the semiconductor, automobile and other industries. In addition, they are also used in the medical field and social infrastructure development, and thus contribute to society also from the perspectives of health and safety.

NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material will play a part in establishing a recycling society through “iron” by making group-wide efforts and contribute to realizing a sustainable society by persistently developing technologies and products.

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