About Us

Corporate Philosophy of
NIPPOS STEEL Chemical and Material Group

Basic Philosophy

"Master Materials, Pioneer the Future" 
— For Your Dream & Happiness —

Nippon Steel Chemical and Material Group (hereafter "Nippon Steel Chemical and Material") will develop and accumulate advanced chemical and material technologies independently, offer products and services that will enrich people's lives through the advanced and various use of materials, and contribute to the global environment.

Management Principles

Nippon Steel Chemical and Material will implement corporate activities focusing on the following issues, ensure fair and transparent management, and continue to grow as a company that is widely trusted in society.

  • Contribution to the global environment
  • Realization of a society that is healthy and rich in humanity
  • Co-creation and co-prosperity with customers
  • Realization of growth and happiness of employees
Action Guidelines
We will comply with laws and social rules, think about things from the perspective of society and customers, and aim to win trust from society and customers.
We will encourage the growth of both ourselves and the company, obtain a correct understanding of our own role, and keep challenging toward goals without losing high aspirations.
We will respect the diversity and personality of each individual employee, support each other and work hard together to produce the best results as organizations and teams and contribute to society.

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