Coal Tar Chemicals

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Carbon Materials

Towards the World's Most Competitive Coal Tar Chemicals Operations - Using Plentiful Raw Materials from the NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL

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Industrial Gases

Supplying a Variety of Industrial Gases to a Wide Range of Fields - from the Materials Industry to the Medical and Advanced Electronics Industries, Based on an Abundant Supply of Gases from the Ironmaking Process

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Basic Chemicals

Striving to Build an Affluent Society through the Global Supply of Assorted Chemical Products Indispensable for Daily Life
-Thanks to the Fusion of Coal Chemistry and Petrochemistry

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Responding to User Needs with Comprehensive Lubrication Maintenance Systems and a Rich Product Line-up that Promote Stable Equipment Operations and Prolonged Service Life

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Functional Materials

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PWB Materials ESPANEX®

With its high quality reputation for stable demensional stability, high heat resistance, electrical and mechanical performances,ESPANEX adhesive-less laminate is major share in the world

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Functional Resin Materials

Expanding already Extensive Operations from Japan to Asia, Supported by Proprietary Materials and Technologies

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Display Materials

The resist materials such as transparent protective film for overcoat of color filters and black matrix are our proprietary products which are widely used in the field of liquid crystal displays (LCDs). Our original cardo polymer, which has been developed based on our unique compound derived from components in the coal tar, has been used in the products. Our resist materials based on the resist technology that we have cultivated over many years have earned a high reputation in the industry, contributing to the enhancement of display functionality in a wide range of LCD applications such as large-sized LCD TVs, smartphones, and automobiles.

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Organic EL Materials

Stable Supply of High-quality Materials Supported by World-class Production Technologies

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Metal Foil

Metal Foil

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Through integrated production control, from melting to the end products, NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material manufactures highly functional and ultrathin stainless steel foil that is excellent in etching properties and press formability, in addition to ultimately high thickness accuracy, strength, and spring characteristics.

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Metal Substrate for Catalytic Converter

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As the world's sole manufacturer of metal catalyst carriers on an integrated basis from the raw materials stage to the end product, NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material is in pursuit of higher function and higher durability.

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Spherical Particle

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Silica / Alumina Spherical Particle

Micron Div, for the first time in the world, met the need for high-performance encapsulation material by the development of producing ceramic spherical fine particle by flame spray method. By high sphericity and high purity, the products have since steadfastly protected the reliability of semiconductors which are growing increasingly high in density and function.

Micron Division has then developed spherical fine particle of alumina. Its spherical fine particle of alumina, in addition to high sphericity and high-precision particle-size control, are capable of exhibiting unique performance, with the advantages of heat resistance, hardness, thermal conduction and other characteristics of alumina.

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Bonding Wire

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NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material is committed to offering the most advanced technologies to meet the challenge of rapidly increasing high-integration, high-density IC requirements. We taking advantage of strong links with Advanced Technology Research Laboratories(NSSMC), provides customers with superior bonding wire and microball products, through its affiliate, Nippon Micrometal.

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Micro Solder Ball

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Eutectic or Lead-Free microballs, superior in fatigue resistance and mountability required for various packages from BGAs and CSPs to Flip Chips.

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HIP Processed Materials

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NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material, operating to 1,950°C, 196 MPa max. HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) furnaces, and utilizing its abundant HIP-processing experience, accumulated over many years, is ready to serve your needs regarding the design & engineering, manufacture, and sale of HIP-processed materials and components, while also undertaking HIP-processing services on commission.

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CMP Pad Conditioner

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NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material has developed a unique CMP pad conditioner, the NS MEDRES, by applying metal and ceramics bonding technologies produced from years of research and accumulated know-how. In the LSI, we have achieved the complete prevention of the falling of diamond-abrasive grain, thanks to superior bonding strength, compared with the conventional nickel-electroplated pad conditioner.

We have also developed a new product by applying this bonding method to fine diamond-abrasive grains. This product meets the needs of high integration for the higher magnetic recording density of HDs and is expected to have an effect on high flatness and the removal of the undulation of substrates in the future.

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Epoxy Resin

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Expanding Operations in the Fields of Electronics Materials and Other Highly Functional Products

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Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic

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CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) are formed into various shapes to replace metals. Making full use of the materials and structural design technologies amassed over the years, Composite Division, NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material has developed and is marketing various CFRP products, such as concrete reinforcing bars for shaft walls in the underground shield tunneling (NOMOST) method, CFRP strands, rods, repair and rein-forcing sheets for civil engineering and building purpose, light-weight CFRP rolls for industrial use, and large structures.

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Pitch-based Carbon Fiber

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Nippon Graphite Fiber Corporation supplies a wide variety of coal tar pitch-based carbon fibers with excellent properties (mechanical properties, thermal properties, etc.) to all industrial fields as base materials for composite materials. Our carbon fibers are produced and marketed by Nippon Graphite Fiber corporation (affiliate NIPPON STEEL Chemical & Material) under the brand name "Granoc™"

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